Suffolk Landscape Character Assessment

This is the site for the Suffolk Landscape Character Assessment that has been carried out jointly by all the District Councils and the County Council.

It is designed to support work to maintain and restore the landscape of Suffolk, particularly through the planning system and to promote and foster wider understanding of the landscapes of Suffolk

The project has assessed the landscape of the county and identified thirty distinct types of landscape within it, to understand how this process has worked follow the Landscape Typology link in the menu bar

To understand more about the varied landscapes of Suffolk explore the Suffolk map. Detailed mapping on an OS base is also available to download, and there are also a limited range of additional services to support the use of this information


Terminology uses on this website explained, from Ancient Woodland to Westwood Marsh.


Official static Maps (PDF format) available to download directly form the website.


Higher resolution mapping and GIS data can be made available (charges involved).